Sexual Discrimination 101

I am a single mom to two lovely boys… And I am not just saying this because I am their mom and completely biased either.. this is just a fact.

J is 14 and D is 10.. and they may not be angels…but they are polite, helpful, intelligent and funny..

Now being boys and me being a girl and all that I have noticed certain truths around ready for this?..Well, girls are sexist!

There is this club that exists in this world catering for women/girls only. I hear it all the time.. Its a girl thing or its for girls only or she is a girl thats why she gets such and such..

Now I know there is also the other side of things where there is the boys only club..but I have got to say that the women have far more of these exclusive events than the boys! The ratio is 10-1 ..ten for the girls for every one that the boys take..shees, thats just awful.

And then of course I get all the moms out there that continuously tell me how I should have another child .. try for a girl this time round..OMF! And why would I need a girl you ask? Because apparently when the boys get older they wont take me out for lunch and will dump me in an old age home. BUT if I had a girl, she wouldn’t do that to me.

And just like that.. Society has predetermined that my stunning, handsome boys will grow up and dump me in a facility to rot all because they have penises..lovely, isnt it?

Thanks, but no thanks.. I don’t want any more kids and I definitely don’t see the need to try for a girl!

Lousy Bastards know nothing about me and my boys..And I happen to know for a fact that J & D wont do any such crap to me because:-

a. I am self sufficient enough to take care of myself, thank you very much..

b. They will be phoning me about the broken breadbin that refuses to refill itself at least once a week..

c. I will be inviting them to lunch more often than not..

d. Who else will they have to ask if their girlfriends are up to standard or not?..

e. They will come to me when they are looking for something that they cant find on a daily basis..

f. They LOVE my curry and will suffer withdrawels..

But most of all..They will miss me.. I am their mom.. the only one they got.. and just because they aren’t going to grow any boobs or get a period doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings and don’t love me or respect me any less than a girl would.

My boys were victims of an incident a few days ago where they were treated differently just because they weren’t one of the “girls”.. There were six of them at the table, 4 girls, 2 boys.. and only the girls were given juice to drink with their dinner.. the boys were told that there just wont be enough for the girls if they had to share! Can you believe that? Does this mom really think my boys have no feelings? Why cant the juice be shared a little bit more to include the boys? I was furious to say the least..If it was my home I would rather give them all water or share what little bit I have fairly amongst all of them! Besides the fact that there was more than 5 liters of juice in the fridge, why treat the boys different? Its disgusting! I am still angry when I think about it..

But this kind of behaviour amongst women towards boys is more common than not.. Girls are coveted and boys are told to just suck it up..

I disagree and think that some mothers/women/girls need to be ashamed of their behaviour to boys.. and the next time I wont be so polite to the next mom that is mean to my boys.. I will most definitely take out a whole big can of whipass on her!