Lets get technical..k?

Got an email the other day.. and with it was an challenge.. “track me via my IP address and impress me!”..

Now I looooove challenges!.. woohoo.. and this challenge was prompted by my Clause B where I stated that any persons IP address is very traceable.. well it is.. but it also takes A WHACK LOAD of PT to get close to the deviant that has been naughty..

So yesterday I was sooo hectically busy I had to push it out of my mind.. today was part two of yesterday and it is now 6.29pm Tuesday and I am finally catching up with my mail, reading my favourite blogs and tracking a naughty IP..

So “Agnes” who are you?

Let me see.. hmmm… looking…looking… looking…

AHa!!… I seeeeeee you!!

Put the chocolate away Chickypoo and bow down to me …lol

“Agnes eating chocolate”

So what did I win???

Oh and I must say.. NO I wont tell you how I did it.. and YES I am brilliant thankyou!

Tired now.. Time to eat dinner.. tomorrow I take over the world!!