Have you?

Have you ever wanted something so badly?

You had to convince yourself you already Have it,

See it, Feel it, Touch it..almost?… Or not really?

Do you wake up thinking of …‘What If’ ?

Do dreams taunt you with things that may never be?

How far are you willing to go?..How far ahead can you see?

Do you look on at others yearning for just one teensy tiny bit?

Knowing in your heart that this may never be..?

Do you think about it, day and night, while you stand, while you sit?

At what point do you throw caution at the wind,

put both feet in, grab the bull by horns?

In order to gain the final answer, no option to rescind?

Do I have what it takes, Is this achievable?

No going back, no more oops, uhm, this was perhaps a mistake?

I don’t think I do, No-No, this is not possible,

I will live in hope, try and keep the dream alive,

Keep my head , there is just too much at stake..


Have you ever wanted something so badly?

I can only nod my head and sigh, “Yes” I say, sadly…