DustBunnies and an idiot..

Where did all the dust come from?? You would be surprised how many dustbunnies i had to catch and kill yesterday!! And most of them were clinging to my pants for dear life.. but I am merciless.. I had *Mr Muscle after all!!

How absolutely exhilarating it was when afterwards I walked into the boys room and saw the carpet for the first time in probably weeks..

SexyG surprised me by fixing the oven.. omw.. i am ecstatic at the prospect of being able to bake muffins and make my own garlic bread.. talk about delight.. i could have just dropped and given him 20 right there and then when I found out.. but i was all dusty and grimy so that had to wait 😉 !!

This is the weekend where the boys go to Arsefuk but for his own reasons J didnt want to go.. so D was left to go on his own.. bad idea! D is on a special Migraine Diet at the moment because he has been having far too many of them lately.. So on friday I printed out a whole list of foods that he should avoid and a list of alternatives and the reasons and all of it.. It was laid out so that even an 8 year old could understand and follow.. My mistake was not realising that I was dealing with a 5 year old!

When I phoned him to see if all was going well.. I was told that he only had a polony sandwich and a naartjie for dinner… OMF.. firstly that isnt food.. secondly polony and naartjies are on the list of things to avoid! I suppose I should be glad that he at least fed the kid.. What a flippen idiot.. seriously..why do I even bother with him?

So i asked him why he did it? why is it so difficult to prepare a simple meal.. or go buy a piece of chicken and make a sandwich of that if he must? He then says well he gave D McDonalds for lunch.. *sigh* …

And Besides he says.. He has a life.. He can’t be bothered to cook and read lists!

At this point I am Red-lining it and am quite possibly going to do him some bodily harm.. He has a life? We all have lives you dumb f@*ken idiot.. but the lives of our kids come first..if they are sick we care for them.. if they are hurt we help them heal.. If they are scared or in danger.. we protect them! Selfish prick..

Then when I tell him that he is behaving irresponsible he then says the one thing he ALWAYS says when he knows he is wrong .. wait for it… this gets me everytime.. you ready??…. ” I pay maintenance every month! What do you do? “.. I shit you not.. This is his argument.. because he pays a few measly rands every month towards expenses he believes he now has the right to do as he wishes.. lol.. shame.. poor misguided moron… I wont even justify that with an answer..

So I told him that due to his behaviour it may not be in the best interest of the kids to go to him again for **awhile. Just till the kids arent too much of a hindrance and “his life that he has”..

I hung up.. twenty minutes later i got an sms from him saying he has put the list on the fridge and will be following it from now on.. and is peanut butter allowed?

Pity it always has to be a case of me getting tough on him before he will behave like a parent.

At the end of the evening SexyG and I were so exhausted and relieved that the bulk of the cleaning was done that we just cuddled on the couch eating Pizza and watched a few things on the Media Centre. Always a very nice way to end the evening..

*Like Mr Penis.. large and usefull.. but he cleans too!!

** it is his holidays coming up and he has made plans with his mommy..