Happy thoughts…

Being my birthday weekend I took an hour off earlier yesterday to run some personal errands… So after much cleavage showing and promises of worthwhile moments I set off on my way..

With my BFF in the car, we went and exchanged some clothing.. eyeballing other soon to be acquired items.. I did buy a bottle of stunning slutty red nail varnish (which looks FABULOUS on me BTW!) and some other goodies that all girls know are a necessity to look drop dead gorgeous!

I had a wax appointment for later on in the afternoon to ..ehem.. remove tumbleweed from under my armpits.. supposed to be my last stop really.. because being such a painful procedure i prefer to go home directly and lick my wounds..but this was not to be.. *sigh*

Why not you ask?.. good question!

Well, before the wax appointment I was going to pick up SexyG’s lovely little darlings from the *Mcdonalds. BUT on the way there I am told that Hairy Knuckle needs more time to get the girls ready and can I collect them afterwards? Ok, fine… no problem.. definitely throws abit of a spanner in things because by then it will be dark and I am not entirely fond of driving around at night and DEFINITELY don’t like the thought of sitting outside the frikken Macdonalds at night..Dodgy place!

So I slurp down the dregs of my coke and the BFF and I shoot off to the “House of Wax” .. My waxlady was ever so nice as always.. (I just love her) and as she ripped the hair from my body in strips with tears welling in my eyes ,she remembered it was my birthday and wished me, I grunted a thank you while my BFF took great pleasure in watching me and adding commentary like she was watching a frikken rugby match..and after almost an hour of this I was released from her boudoirs and I felt like I had been skinned alive and will need turpentine dressings in various areas ..*sob*..

I then head off to McDonalds..again.. and it looks even more dodgy the second time around..oh well!

6.00pm comes and goes… still waiting.. getting cold and QG and I are painfully aware of the hobo’s circling our car amost like they know something we dont.. Then I phone SexyG.. ask him whether he heard anything from the Horrid Hairy Knuckle to say she would be late.. and then she pulls in.. I say never mind.. she is here..

I get out, open the back door for the girls and she half climbs, half falls out and stops the girls from climbing out.. In my mind I am thinking..”ah fekkit, she is going to get full of shit now..”

Hairy Knuckle :- “B, the girls need to be back on sunday at 9am. And if you cant guarantee this then I dont think its a good idea they come with you..”

Me:- ” oh, ok.. Have you spoken to SexyG about this at all?”

Hairy Knuckle :-” I just phoned him and spoke to him but he couldn’t guarantee it for 9am and I have plans for the girls”

Now why weren’t these plans expressed before now? This is my second trip to this here dodgy place.. And NOW she has new terms and conditions for me to contend with?

Me:- ” I am sure it wont be a problem but I am not 100% up to speed with the plans.. will need to confirm a few things with SexyG..”

Hairy Knuckle :-” Well, I need to take a friend to the airport and the girls need to come with to say goodbye..”

Me:-” In that case, No problem… the airport is not far from us.. we can have them there for you at 9am.. ”

Hairy Knuckle :- ” No that wont be suitable, I want them to spend some time with her before she goes..”


Me:- ” As I said, will need to chat with SexyG but I dont thing it will be a problem..”

Hairy Knuckle :- ” No, I dont think this is a good idea, If you can guarantee me ”

Me:- ” So what you are saying is that the girls are not coming for the weekend?”

Hairy Knuckle :- “Yes”

At this point I am sooo angry with this ignorant little twat for fucking me around like this, but mostly I feel bad for the little girls in the car who came so close to see their daddy only to have it taken away.. Almost like going to a sweetshop and looking at all the sweets and having a few offered to you, and when you reach to take one it gets smacked out of your hand..

I go to close the back car door.. which I opened for them earlier.. and see QG is watching this interaction with interest, obviously wondering why I havent given Hairy Knuckle a “runningfuckslap”..

Me:- ” You are just wasting my time..”

And with that I got in my car and she drove off..

Not a good start to a birthday weekend.. but whatever.. I still have my stunning slutty red nailvarnish and of course I am guaranteed some loving time with SexyG when I get home 😉 More than makes up for it!

Tonight I am going out and partying up a storm.. But first in the morning I will be doing a funwalk at the school with the kids.. and possibly some more **preemptive shopping ..hehehe!

*Hairy Knuckle wont let us pick them up from their home for reasons only her small misguided mind will understand.

** window shopping in anticipation of actual shopping to cut down actual shopping time in future.. make sense?