Time..running out of time!!

OMW… just read Sheena’s post.. and I am gobsmacked at how fabulous everyone was to her! And I am ever so dem happy for her and the it all contributed into making her birthday even more fantastic..(although I am abit concerned by the teargas gift..lol)

But I am Jealous demmit… yes.. i said it..jealous!

Ok.. so i thought that I should make a wishlist aswell.. but this is in the hopes that people who know me and love me (yes, sussie.. I am talking to you!) will see what it is I really want instead of saying.. “but I didnt know what to get you”.. as they hand over some bath salts and shaped soaps..you with me?

There isnt much time left and I am hoping its not too late to go take the bath salts back.. 😛 So QueenG, SexyG and other friends and family… here it is!

My Want/Need/Wish list …

  • Iphone ( they really nice!)
  • new TB drive (running out of space AGAIN!)
  • Some new Perfume (hhmmm… love smellies)
  • Couple nice new Handbags and Shoes to match (..gold, black and red)
  • Tiara – (Stef has inspired me..)
  • A day at the Spa. Allover body treatment served strawberries by semi nekkid dudes *sigh*..
  • A garage for my car… ( tired of monkeys shitting on it..bastards)
  • My edgars debt to be cleared.. (they wont let me shop till I pay them.. stupid policy)
  • New Keyboard with matching mouse .. (have to guess which key is which)
  • *NEW* A new sports bra ( since I am back at the gym)
  • *NEW* A Big Afro Wig (I think they are cool..)
  • *NEW* Surprise Birthday party ( I promise to act surprised)
  • Thats all for now.. will add as I remember more neediness..

So guys.. If you are here because i phoned your hairy ass and told you to read this.. take heed and get with the program.. k? No Pressure.. lol..

But if like me you are broke, you are forgiven and I still love you.. MWAH!

5 more sleeps and then I will be *coff-coff* 34 *coff-coff*..

...4 more sleeps

…3 more sleeps

P.S. Oh and I promise to act surprised! 😀