There can only be one!

My day of birth is looming.. preparations need to be made.. Yes-Yes-Yes.. Not the sort of preparations that you would expect however.. There are behind the scene stuff that happens that no-one is aware of..

Since the first day of birth, my birthday has been shared with my brother.. and no, we are not twins.. I just so happened to be born on his 6th birthday.. and my Dad in all his bloody wisdom told him I was his birthday present.


..This is not the smartest thing for an adult to say to a 6 Year Old – particularly not to my boet.. I love him dearly, but I was a teeny-weeny-little-bit-of-a-thing, just handed to my brother and he must’ve thought I was some kind of weird looking doll that doesn’t actually do much of interest.. You get my direction?

Oh my word.. the personal torment I have endured by those ill-spoken words of my parental unit all those years ago at the hospital.. I cannot begin to tell you about.. Lets just say my boet now sleeps with one eye open when we share a roof.

Anyway.. thats all another story for another day..back to me and my day of birth..

A few years back (+-10 years ago) I told my brother that I am tired of sharing my birthday with him.. I get half the presents.. I have to share a cake.. share the birthday money..share the birthday party.. it just sucks..and I just wasnt going to take it anymore.. So I told him that from then on the first person to phone and say happy birthday wins the day! So each year after that I wake up before any of the sparrows even think of farting and phone my Boet. He is not a morning person so he isn’t firing on all cylinders so early.. I say “Happy Birthday!” and thats that.. he is not allowed to talk about his birthday for the rest of the day.. It is ALL MINE!!

My Birthday.. My cakes.. My friends.. My presents.. My party!

So far I have won each year.. AND-IT-NEEDS-TO-STAY-THAT-WAY!!

..Its all in the attitude.. I am a winner.. not a weiner.. baby!

The countdown has begun…15 more sleeps.. what will I get this year?

P.S. Watched the best movie last night with my mates (What Happens in Vegas).. OMF I laughed sooo much at the Revenge Plot!

Watch the attached youtube clip.. It will make you cry..hahahahahahh!