Madcow .. killed..

I was on a great road, fitness wise that is, a few weeks back..

Mirror mirror on the wall.. hide my fat before I smash you stukkend

I faced a big fear..running and conquered it.. then my wheels fell of my trolley and I was left lying on the floor looking helplessly on as my wheels ran down the hill without me.

Yes, I was hit with a bout of madcow.. Drooling, incoherent, crying for no bloody good reason, bouts of anger and general ugliness.. But this is officially a thing of the past! Whatever first made me want to murder, maim and destroy has left the building.. I have killed my MAdCow ..dead, stukkend, shattered!!

But there were some casualties in this war I declared upon myself.. I stopped training.. Aarrrgh! I have lost all levels of fitness in such a short time.. It almost makes me want to cry again! But to give into the Madcow now will truly mean the end of me..

So on monday I will be doing the ultimate face-off at the gym to determine just how bloody unfit I am so that I can once again get back on my horse and continue with the one thing I really want to do! Run.. I really enjoy it.. for some insane reason it makes me feel free and in control. And I love control, just like the next girl.. If not more..

So wish me luck as I snap on the spandex, tuck in the boobs, staple back the hair,synchronise my tunes, shove my feet in my tekkies and hit the treadmill!

So when next you are in the gym..sing with me…

“Do your boobs hang low ~ do they wobble to and fro ~ can you tie them in a knot ~ can you tie them in a bow.. Do your boobs hang low..”