Gone Fishing…

Time off even for the not so good

I think I need to start planning a holiday for myself… Go somewhere for about a week.. no computer..no cellphone.. no twitter.. no blog.. no media centre.. no disturbances!!

I almost want to cry at the thought of being so third world.. but I do think its time I took a break from technology to recharge my batteries.. Take SexyG with and play with him a little bit.. it will be good for us.. we can neck all day and night on the beach or on a mountain side..

I think I want to go hiking.. I LOVE walking.. and I can do it with ease.. very relaxing.. I will leave fishing to SexyG cos fish are intimidating for me.. scaly bunch..eeeuw!


This needs to be planned properly.. work is very busy at the moment and I will need to work even harder (or smarter) if I want time off..

Plus.. the kids are end of term with Control tests and stuff.. So I will need to keep that in mind.

*sigh* I can just see this is going to be tougher than I first thought.. I am holding thumbs, though.. because as everyone knows.. running your own business means no time off even if you have been very good …Luckily I have a great team I work with and this encourages me a little bit.

Earlier today I was reading a quote that Sweets posted and thought I would share one which I reflect upon every day..

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu”