Binoculars + Soccer = Crazy


What you are about to see is ridiculous…

When I find this dam ball I am going to kick it.. promise!

I have seen quite a few of the So-Called Japanese Games but this one takes the cake!

The Japanese are such a funny bunch of bananas.. life would be so dull without them…lol

First of all the outfits.. OMW.. candy striped Longjohns.. and to add insult to injury its pretty tight fitting..

Then they have Binoculars strapped to their eyes..BACKWARDS!

LMFAO.. So everything appears Further than it is..

And then the Ref throws a soccerball on the ground and say ..” Kick it!” ..The contestants stand around and go..”Where the f@k is this thing?”

OMW.. the leg lifts and graceful ankle twists were amazing .. not to mention the odd guy in the background crawling on the ground looking for the ball in the dust..

And I am not even gonna get into BIG BUNNY EARS GUY!

I think you need to watch this for yourself, though!