Dusting balls..

Turns out Expensive Mistakes has recently revealed her love for balls …crystal balls that is.

And she is offering to ask the cards/ball/mystic guide/ihavenoflippenidea any question you may have!

Sound exciting? Kinda does, eh? But I am nervous about delving into things I dont fully understand.. I am, suffice it to say, not willing to piss off any unknown force that may be out there.. I may not go to church (except for weddings and funerals) but I do believe in God and in the same way Satan scares me lots!

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.. I am naturally curious person and dying to know what will be revealed about me.. !! 🙂

  • Will I die young?
  • Will I be as successful as I hope to be in my business?
  • Will I remarry?
  • Will my currently turbulent life settle down?
  • Will I ever shake this fat thats clinging to my ass?
  • The list goes on..

It is my birthday soon… and for the first time since the day of my birth I am not excited at the prospect of it.. Its not that I am dreading getting older ( I am still *coff* young *coff* ).. but more I dont even have a pressie list that i have sent to all my friends and family yet!! Shocker, eh? In fact I havent even given this day a second thought.. and if I wasnt reminded about my birthday by my bf.. I may have forgotten altogether.. thats just wrong… Not like me at all..

So do you think EXMI can figure out why?