Bunny Boilers II

At the beginning of the year I wrote about a Bunny Boiler I knew.. I received abit of heat after doing this post from someone who recognised this particular bunny boiler and felt that I was a little bit harsh with Bunbi and had probably hurt Bunbi’s feelings… My Question is this…Was she considering his feelings when she harassed him? I don’t think so..

Again,I was reminded of this type of behaviour this weekend.. The overprotective woman.. keeps the guy on a short leash.. always fiercely sweet to him.. but extremely paranoid of everyone around him.. He cant do anything without her and if he doesn’t return her affection… the bunny gets it! .. Everytime!

Why go so crazy?.. Is he really worth it? Obviously not if he isn’t returning your affection.. No one person is worth your mental health I always say.. Go ahead and go crazy.. but go crazy by your own doing.. not because of unrequited love or insane jealousy.. And for heavens sake if the guy is boning some other chick.. cut it off and move on!..just saying..

I am not the unjealous type.. in fact if you flirt with my boyfriend, I will rip your leg off and beat you with the sticky end.. unless your name is QueenG (cos we share everything)..So there is that about me you never knew ;-)..

However bearing all that in mind.. If the guy is no longer interested.. if I just think for one teensy weeensy second that he is no longer interested in me or in having a relationship with me.. I will miss him.. but I will move on..

But for some chicks.. its manipulation and tears and batting eyelids and the bunny gets it…everytime..

For some chicks how the guy feels is inconsequential to their own feelings and needs.. A means to an end. They want the white picket fence.. The 2.5 kids.. The townhouse.. The family picnics.. At whatever cost.. They plan the whole thing.. then find a guy that looks like he will slot in nicely and target him.. and they literally go hell for leather!

My only question remains.. are there guy bunny boilers out there?? Have you had a guy harass you, stalk you and scare everyone close to you? Has a guy ever had delusions of grandeur envisioning you as his property?? Have you had a guy plan your matrimony and look at your uterus with glee?

Definitely the kinda stuff a horror movie make..dontcha think?