The party is over..

…Next thing you know they will expect me to work..pfffft!

I work in a small office.. and we have one simple joy.. The Party Line!!…woohhooooo!

when it rings it is open season.. whoever answers it can answer it anyway they want to!! and pull the mickey from whoever is on the other side.. *sigh*.. its the simple things that we appreciate soooo much!

But now.. the MSN number has been allocated for work.. so the fun has to stop…waaaaa! I dont think Nobby took the news too good either.. he just sits and stares at the phone now and sighs alot instead of drawing pictures like he is supposed to..(I bought him new crayons and it hasn’t perked him up at is still closed)..

We will have to find some other form of entertainment now.. wonder if I should bring the karaoke machine into the office?? Or perhaps I should glue his chair to the wall and tell him its possessed? HumDrumBum..

The phone will be missed.. are some examples of phone fun…ehem, perhaps you shouldn’t do these at home… 😉

“Hello, you are speaking to an automated sex service.. please press one to hear me moan…please press two and I will make you moan.. this call is charged at a rate of R100 per second..condoms are extra…. hello? helloo?? you havent pressed any of my numbers… hello?”

“Thank you for calling Teazers, How may we blow you?”

“Sawubona, Baaas.. de MADDAM ees beezi shayaring de baas.. eh he..”

“What YOU want, eh? Why you always phoning me? I told you to leave me ALONE!! I dont want to do this anymore! STOP harrassing me already and realise once and for all that just because you have a small penis I am still not going to let you near my exit, DUDE!..shees!”

(small girl voice) “Mommy, wheres my mommy.. will you be my mommy.. I want my MOMMY!.. what did you do to my mommy!.. WAAAAAAAA!..*sniff-sniff* you big bad meany.. where is my mommy.. its naptime and I want my mommy.. she sings me songs to make me go beddy bye.. will you sing me a song??.. where is my mommy…”

What will we do for fun now… I think I should go and hook up a webcam pointing to the road and glue a R10 note down.. see who bites.. should make for good entertainment for awhile.. 😉