Chesticles Vs Hair..

I was reading a post by Sweets where she was saying that because her hair is short she was confused for being a boy… Got me thinking.. About whether Hair a woman make…

And I have to say that hair does not make a woman… Chesticles and attitude plays a bigger part!

Woman have a certainness about them that men lack. Men walk differently, talk differently, gesture differently and don’t have as much purpose in the way they are as woman do.. Now there are always exceptions to the rule.. and I am saying this to all the guys out there reading this and going..

“Hey! I think I’m offended by that!?”…

We are loving creatures but when angered will maul and maim … because we can.. 😛

I do love being a woman.. so let me tell you a few reasons why:-

  1. I can get out of speeding fines just by crying
  2. I can watch one channel at a time and not be bored
  3. No one expects me to know or be able to fix anything on the car
  4. I don’t have to change flat tires either.
  5. Women got off the Titanic first
  6. Waiters always give the bill to the guy
  7. We understand the need for multiple pairs of shoes in the same color. It’s not about the color, it’s about the style
  8. We can blame everything on hormones
  9. If the house is a mess when company arrives, I can always blame the BF/Kids
  10. If I get a pimple, I have makeup
  11. No comb overs
  12. One word: Oprah
  13. I can get laid anytime I want
  14. PMS is a legal defense for murder
  15. I don’t have to constantly adjust my genitals
  16. Sweat is sexy on me
  17. When I make my boyfriend mad, I don’t have to waste money on flowers or cards – a blowjob fixes it all
  18. I don’t have to worry about not being able to get it up

I have short Hair, Boobs and PMS.. and happy.. Ok sometimes happy when I am not being harrassed by stupid people doing stupid things… 🙂