One thing always leads to another..

So I was all geared up to bring you some hardcore porn or some such titillating bits.. But, Alas! this was not meant to be..

I am Angry White Chick today.. again ( …can you see a pattern forming yet?)

Lets Recap and perhaps you can spot the reason for my displeasure, shall we?


… Busy day at work.. after work I took my little pumpkin to a school disco where he volunteered MY services for patrolling.. So I volunteered SexyG to accompany me.. see it all works out lekker!
Evening was nice.. lots of screaming girls and boys trying to look Uber cool in their flashing neon lights and Gelled Hair.. Sweet man! Finished the evening with giving J his birthday presents (Turned 14!) He got some computer and cellphone gear.. He was sooo stoked.. He loves me all over again!


I took J and 3 of his friends to the KFC plus they went to go watch Indiana Jones (demmit I wasnt allowed to go watch as it is “uncool” for the mom to join in ) .. While he was doing that I had some tea and koek with Queen G and Sexy G .. It was sooo nice to just yap away with my two most favourite people in the world! I do love having tea and koek with my mates.. Queen G is hysterically funny and together the three of us have a scream… that evening I allowed the boys to go to their dad’s for the night until the next morning.. bad idea on my part as he spent most of it trying to convince them that Sharon is a “nice lady” and they mustn’t tell mommy that sharon is with them etc.. aaaaaargh!


morning I did a 10KM walk for charity in the East Coast Radio walk. It was in aid of breast cancer awareness! SexyG and I were just ambling along, not racing and just enjoying the people (i saw some people actually thought they could do 10km’s in slops!!)… and the music.. it was really calming and fun… Afterwards we went to have a brunch at the deck and watched with amazement how a man and his three children performed acrobatics downstairs on the beachfront. WOW!! He had one boy about 12 and two girls one about 7 the other about 5, he hoisted them onto his head and walked around as if it was just another day.. and even his 5 year old could do some very eye opening acrobatics.. folding herself into a pretzel :-O !

That evening after the boys got back I got some nasty sms’s from arsefuk saying that I was handed over for judgement by the security company and that I should settle my debts and so on.. I was very confused by this and when I phoned the company this morning it turns out that .. wait for this… When we got divorced, I sold the house to him and moved.. But the Security company document was signed by me(while we were married) and he just stopped paying them a few months before he sold the place.. And now they want to take legal action against me!! OMF!!!

What the hell!! Who the hell does he think he is making debt and leaving it for me to pay??

All I can say is this.. This too will not go unpunished.. No No No! ( I am now hiring kneecap removers, please send CV’s)

So my weekend was both really great with lots of sour bits thrown in..

How was yours??