Stupidity comes in various forms..

So just when I thought it was going to be a lovely weekend..Rugby game on Saterday(it was the semi-final!).. Braai with some friends.. My sister visiting me on Sunday.. and last but not least James Blunt with SexyG on Monday!!

But fuk nooo! (yes, I swore..I am kinda mad right now)…

First off – The Sharks lost!! OMW.. My boytjies didnt even play the game as well as they normally do.. It was such a pisspoor perfomance.. Need to phone the Coach Dick Muir and ask him to do drug tests.. Cos I think they were all on weed or something.

So then.. as if things couldn’t get worse.. i had the nasty task of meeting Arsefuk because he needed to drop of a TD Bag for J (he’s TD Board was in danger of breaking).. So he phones me and says he is just up the road and can we meet now.. aargh! OK, I say.. and then I remind him that he needs to still get the rechargeable batteries for J and he can drop those off or just give me the money and I will buy them..

In retrospect I do believe my biggest mistake was even agreeing to meet with him.. should’ve told him to mail it or sent SexyG…

Alrighty then, I pullover at the bank(I don’t want him to come to my friend’s place as he might try running me down with car again) and wait for arsefuk to get there.. after a few minutes I see the silver golf with his personalised plates and I get out and meet him.. Said “Hi” and he gives me the bag and some cheap nasty black and silver eveready batteries.. I look at him .. look at the batteries and ask him what the hell are those?

The reason for the batteries is because he bought the kid a *birthday present with no batteries.. And they need rechargeable’s cos they suck batteries dry in 20 minutes flat!

Anyhow..the dialogue as it continued from there..

Arsfuk: Those are batteries.. you should be grateful because I shouldn’t even have to buy them…

Me: ??? But how can you buy a gift with no batteries?

Arsfuk: That’s what maintenance is for..

At this point a head pops out of the silver golf and a voice squeals at me

Voice from car: you should be nicer to him.. you dont speak to him nicely and he doesn’t deserve your attitude!

OMW!! I look down and its the *GF Sharon whom I have never met nor care about and she is throwing in two cents towards me like an all knowing buddha!

Me: Who the hell are you and why are you speaking to me?

Sharon: I just dont think…(I cut her off)

Me: Just who do you think you are speaking to me and did I at any point rattle your cage and ask for your opinion?

Sharon: You are very rude and I think you need to treat *Arsefuk better.

Me: And why are you shouting at me from the car.. Why don’t you come out and say that here? ( I am soo mad right now at the audacity of this chickypoo!)

Sharon: OK! I will!!

And with that she flounces out of the car.. and since this is our first meet I take a look at what he is dragging around nowadays. This is what I saw – She has a very unfortunate face with her eyes looking like they being retracted into her eyesockets.. Skin is very dry and flaky.. Not fat.. But has a boep that appears to bounce as she steps..She was wearing threequarter jeans that were big and baggy(to hide tummy maybe?) and some ugly little leather strops.. She has brown hair and an enormous amount of attitude and arrogance!

Me: So just why are you speaking to me and why dont you just get back in the car and behave?

Arsefuk is at this point standing next to her looking abit nervous but also just watching the interaction with interest. SexyG has noticed things going abit south and was coming over..

Sharon: you dont seem to have any respect for Arsefuk!

Me: I dont… He knows I dont.. He understands I have no respect for him as it is all of his own doing..which is actually none of your business!

Sharon: Well I think you need to start treating him better as he tries very hard!

Now Arsefuk is nodding in agreement with her and says,

Arsefuk: You see what I mean?? (looking at sharon)

Sharon: Yes, I see.. A whole different level

Arsefuk: Yes, A whole different level! Hahahahahaha!

Me: OMW!

SexyG: Hey! Who are two speaking about? (looks at sharon) You dont know anything.. And unless you do I don’t think you should be voicing any opinions or interfering ..

SexyG is always so rational and polite .. If it wasn’t for him I think things would’ve gone very very bad!

Sharon: I know Arsefuk and he is a kind and decent person. And his Ex speaks to him in an unexceptable way..

SexyG: You dont know anything.. You are blinded now.

Me: You dont know me..You know nothing about me.. So I think you should just leave and mind your own business.. When I want your opinion I will give it to you…

I am at this point waaaaay past wanting to smack the smug and opinionated look off of her face.. But I dont resort to violence and therefore I dont.. But Oooooooooooooooooooh! I was mad!!

Sharon: You… (I cut her off again)

Me: Listen Bitch! I think you need to just leave me alone for now and get in the car and go.. And oh.. take these crap batteries back.. He wont be able to use them.. I will just tell him you didn’t get to a shop..

And with that I walked away and got in the car..Steam coming out of my ears…

SexyG then said some stuff to her but I wasnt listening anymore.. I had blood pumping in my ears and kept having vicious thoughts about getting in the driver seat and making myself understood .. clearly!

Needless to say it was not a pleasant interchange.. I should not have gotten so angry, I suppose.. as she is just a stupid girl who probably still believes in the tooth fairy with her naivety.. But in my defence.. Who does she think she is?? Was she there when he was smacking me around?? Was she there when he threw me into a car and then tried to get me to pay for the damages to his car? Was she there when he would throw me out of the bed at night onto the floor while I was sleeping? What does she know anyway?

Respect is earned.. It is not a right.. Took me a long time to accept that it wasnt about me.. It isnt my fault .. And that I deserve better.. So I will call him an Arsehole.. I will ignore him.. I will NOT meet him alone.. I will never drop my guard with again.. He is a lying abusive person .. And that is what I know…

… what does she know?

*Arsfuk is what I call him… he makes everyone else call him Jammo (a nickname he gave himself)

*GF Sharon – the latest in a long line of idiots

*the birthday present was a wireless keyboard and mouse – nice gift.. but no batteries, no work!