My trip to work..

Sweets showed us her trip to work the other day and I thought it was a great idea.. So I finally remembered this morning and this is what I have to show you…

Get in the dem car.. we are late!

So the morning trip starts.. Trying to get everyone and everything in car.. first time.. lol . This morning was great as there were no runs back to fetch tog bags or lunch or anything!

We all finally departed at 7.10am

I need to clean the car

This is the first stop before leaving the road.. Ok Officially its the second but the first one further back we use as a guideline only.. Oh My .. Look at the poo in the windscreen.. I’ll need to clean the car today…

The sun.. I am humbled

Each morning this here sun normally blinds me and I suffer retinal detachment for at least 2 hours! BUt this morning the air was very murky.. Or else you would’ve seen the coastline in the distance. It really is pretty!

Can you see the skidmarks?

Now this is a funny speedhump! It is situated outside D’s School. He is our First drop off of the morning. They only put these speedhumps in a few weeks back and or the first week there were no zebra markings.. I saw quite a few cars flying over them and land in a screeech of burning rubber.. Very funny to see.. not so funny when its your bumper lying in the road behind you, though..

The golf Course

This is the Golf Course adjacent to J’s School. He plays golf here every friday after school.

Aint he cute?

Another reminder that my car needs a!

My handsome young man! He really makes me proud! He is working so hard and doing so well at school.. Posed for me even!

my torture chamber

Arriving at the gym for some compulsory bum jiggling and torso twisting.

hmmmm... yummy

One hour later and i am huffing and puffing behind SexyG wondering why I put myself through all this agony all the time… I prefer walking behind him so i can get a good look at his bum.. He has such Yummy legs..hmmmmm!

We arrive back home

We pull up to the gate 5 min later.. This is also my office.. I have offices at home.. Yay! So its off to shower and grab coffee .. before the day can begin!

My desktop

Finally at my desk! The time is 9.05.

Time to get crack open my diary and check what is first on the agenda!

Ok, So I have no monuments, landmarks(besides the poo on my windscreen) or long distances, but I do have a great trip, normally a fantastic view which I will share with you at some other time when the weather clears, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did trying to snap in a moving car!

But I think I need to add an entry in my diary to wash my car!! hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!

P.S. Other I know who have done this is Angel and Tamara ..