I did it!! OK, it was awkward but..

This is the first time in years but i finally overcame my crazy phobia of running and half jogged on the treadmill today!!

It started with the usual frustration at not being able to walk faster .. My average walking speed faster than the other joggers next to me..

“AAAARGH!!! Why cant I just run!?!?!” I scream at myself (in my head,I hope).

So I trundle along.. feeling like I’m being harnessed but unable to take that first leap and speed up the treadmill so that a run can happen.. Then suddenly I go “fuck it” and crank the bugger up a gazillion notches.

Thoughts that ran through my head while jogging on the treadmill:-

Woohooo!! I am running, no jogging, no man what the hell am I doing here? This isn’t right! Why is my ass jiggling so much.. My boobs are going nowhere with all the support I use ( I like my boobs and want them to stay nice and pretty) but my ass..omw.. I think my ass is going to take off!! OK, time to slow down.. I think I need to install a seperate braking system for my butt as it appears to need more time to slow down the rest of me… :-s This is not good..

So tomorrow I return to the treadmill and think I will wear support hose while i give this thing another go! I am soooooo excited and happy!! Took me bloody long enough to do this, eh….