Vagina Dialogue II

Conversation with QueenG on MSN

(I Have deleted the norty bits.. sorry guys!)

Session Start: 13 May 2008

QueenG: hello
B: hi there
QueenG: got a break so i thought i could catch up with my BFF
B: lol
B: how things been? besides hectic?
B: ??
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QueenG: good
QueenG: just feel like i could sleep for a week
QueenG: a walk past any dbl bed and i drool
B: lmfao
B: shame man
B: im sorry
QueenG: and it only monday :'(

B: i wish i could help you
QueenG: u cant i was born this way
B: lol
QueenG: how thing by you
B: they been working you very hard
B: when you getting a break?
QueenG is now Offline <– at this point I think she took that break!
QueenG is now Online

B: i hurt my neck this morning.. Heard it TWANG
QueenG: omw, so did i,my neck and lower right shoulder but herd no TWANG i think i pulled a musel
B: i can not look right anymore..
QueenG: its old age creeping up on us i tell you
B: so everytime SexyG talks to me i have to rotate my chair to see him
B: lmfao
QueenG: so no crossing roads for you
QueenG: LMAO
QueenG: why did u not pop in here when u went to springfield park to fetch *bob, but also to just say waasup?
B: because i never went to springfield park
QueenG: that is no excuse young lady, oh and max got a crush on you?
B: naaa he tarts with all the chicks
B: its his way to get people to read his blog
QueenG: thats just sad, but is he worth a squirt?
B: naaa.. think he is old
B: Sexy G came 10th by the way in his event yesterday
QueenG: wow tell i said congrats
B: he says thank you:D!
QueenG: im just sorry i missed all those men in tights
B: lol
B: i got a free massage
B: you woulda got one too
B: cos i am a mammy
B: and you am a mammy too
B: so when you going to get some free time ?
B: time off as it were
B: ….
B: and off she goes again…
QueenG: who goes again?
B: you
B: ignoring me
QueenG: i r here?
QueenG: busy(T)
B: ok

………………………..Long Pause…………………..

B: my neck is soo flippen sore
QueenG: mine feeling much better im massageing myself,myself
B: lol
B: i have wrapped a sweater around my neck and it is helping ..
B: the wormth that is
B: brb
QueenG is now Offline
B: ??
B: you back now?
B: you ran away from me:P
QueenG: what?
QueenG: u said brb
B: and then you went offline:P
B: so what were we talking about before i was relayued?
QueenG: cant rem
QueenG: oh ya we were discussing you coming over to pick up bob
B: lol… wwere we?
QueenG: dont u recall
B: would prob be easier if i just bring my laptop there and do the transfer there for you
QueenG: no i could never put you out like that
QueenG: well i could
QueenG: but i would feel a tad guilty
B: lol
QueenG: i mean id love to see you and all
B: you wont make me cofffee??
B: or muffins?
B: you dont want to see me?
B: you dont want to see sexy g?
QueenG: but with the petrol increase it madness i can wait really
B: ok
B: i dont understand
B: but ok
B: i was thinking we come over at about 7pm.. stay for coffee .. chat.. do transfer and be out of your hair by 8.30
B: but maybe another time
QueenG: no man u are taking this the wrong way dammit
QueenG: would i un-necessarily stop you from coming over and filling up bob?
B: dunno
B: maybe you TOOOOOO BUSY for me now
B: ;-(
QueenG: hey my mother does guilt trip not my BFF
QueenG: up ur bum man
B: i been chatting with your mom
B: up my bum??
B: hysterical move there doll
QueenG: eish in that case no u not welcome here ever
B: f@k
B: ok
B: ill take my data to *Ivor then:P
QueenG: you would do that?
QueenG: lol
QueenG: do it
QueenG: he only has an 80GB
B: hahahaha
B: lmfao
B: ok
B: Your mocking me now…
QueenG: i dont do the mocking in this relationship, thats ur department, mine is the guilt trips
B: lol
B: this is true
B: this is true
B: did you read how i spent my mothers day
QueenG: ya i did sorry man
B: no wonder my neck went flippen twang..
B: its all the stress and early mornings
QueenG has changed his/her status to Idle
QueenG has changed his/her status to Online

B: ??
QueenG: im sorry got distracted
B: hahahaha
B: ja
QueenG: i love you
B: love you too
B: save me
B: please
B: wtf am i doing?
QueenG: how
QueenG: i donno
QueenG: what are you doing?
B: traipsing off to wherever the f@k i go
B: for a guy
B: against my better judgement
B: save me
QueenG: ya but a sexy guy
QueenG: in tights
B: why you being so dem difficult
B: ??
QueenG: no im not as your friend im been honest with you
QueenG has changed his/her status to Idle

———————–Long Pause.. Again————-

QueenG: Oh and BTW, I got a gift from a guest last nite
B: oh ja.. what was it?
QueenG: now brace urself coz u will hose urself
B: okies
QueenG: an avo
B: fuk??
QueenG: a frikken avo
B: an avo??
B: omw
QueenG: 1 avo
B: maybe he wants a sarmie?
QueenG: gave me the avo then asked me out
B: hahahahaha
B: Flippen clunk
B: and what did you say?
QueenG: sorry im too tired to go out
QueenG: flowers yes
QueenG: choccies yes
B: chocies
B: vodka even
QueenG: avo whateva
B: but one flippen lousy avo?
B: puhlease
B: he couldve at least been original in writing his name and number on the skin
QueenG: my point excatly
B: i am going to blog about this convo.. just soz you know <– see, i did tell her ..
QueenG: its too funny not too
QueenG: fuck an avo
QueenG: pays 650 a night and brings me an avo
B: how old is this poupol?
B: poepol*
QueenG: u know what was worse
B: is he at least worth a shag?
QueenG: 55
QueenG: nah
QueenG: it wasnt even ripe
B: hahahahahaah
B: you are my muse bokkie
QueenG: now i got put the avo in some dark hole (proberly the same place he wanted to go Pmsl,) so it will rippen
QueenG just sent you a nudge.
B: yes?
B: im still lolling
B: hahahahah
B: he is just so clueless!!
B: an old peopol but a poophole all the same
B: stop flirting with old guys
B: think young tollie
QueenG: young guys treat you like shit <- old guys send Avo’s
B: so you want an older guy then?
QueenG: no i wanna guy who will treat me right
B: they are very very hard to find
QueenG: we will chat later
QueenG: mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
QueenG: Sent a wink:
QueenG is now Offline

Session Start: 14 May 2008

QueenG: hello
B: good morning:D
B: how is my favourite sexy babe today?
QueenG: better than yesterday
B: brilliant
B: !!
QueenG: oh i have to tell you
B: yes yes yes…do tell! <– Note my Neediness
QueenG: avo man bought me a bottle of wine
QueenG: last night
B: OMW!!
B: really???
B: interesting
QueenG: ya
B: when is avo man leaving?
QueenG: left 6am already
QueenG: hey this is not for ur vagina monologue
B: aaaaaaah no.. wouldve been interesting to see what wouldve been next… <– hehehe
QueenG: yea it wouldve been
B: so what wine was it and what did he expect in return
QueenG: nederberg stein and i don think he wanted anything he seemed like a genuine guy
B: that sounds very nice of him
B: pay no attention to my jaded outlook
QueenG: nah never do
QueenG: k mwaaah chat later then’
B: oh
B: ok
B: byeeee
B: im going to be in the office for most of the day if you want to chat
B: šŸ˜€
QueenG: u really going to work,or r u going to pretent like u always do
B: hahahahahha
QueenG: u are over worked
QueenG: same like me
B: today is going to be another day like that
QueenG: we should strike
B: Yes

B: i am surrounded by receipts
QueenG: im surrounded by idiots
B: in my surroundings.. im the idiot… got a letter last week from my village.. they miss me
QueenG: hahahaha
QueenG: whats on ur agenda tonight
B: tonight.. i take over the world
B: have no media centre.. so will probably work again
QueenG: where is it?
B: siting in the lounge.. agp card broken
B: we been watching off the laptop
B: but thats abit kak
QueenG: that is

——————– the saga continues to live another day……………

*Bob = QueenG’s 300GB external drive hungry for more data

*Ivor = QueenG’s ex.. used to do Queen G -does IT now..