I have finally reached the end of my 12 week program in my quest to get fit and sexy and able to walk the kids..

So this morning I decided to Interview myself and Maybe perhaps find out what has truly transpired on this quest so far and what difference, if any, it has made..


So B, You have come to the end of your 12 week challenge?

Yes, I am a survivor….

How do you feel now?

Very creaky and brittle.. I hurt all the way to the bone.. In fact I think I saw smoke coming out my ass yesterday..(fires being put out?)

Did you follow the diet correctly?

Diet, What diet?(pleading ignorance whilst staring at torn out pages in dustbin)..I never saw anything in there about diet!

So have you monitored your weight loss, and if so how much have you lost?

Well, For the first few weeks I refused to get on the scale because she is a lying bitch who taunts me.. But I finally bit the bullet the other day and remembered why I didn’t weigh-in in the first place.. Lying Bloody Cow! It’s Ok though.. I took real good care of her, only thing is Sexy G can’t understand why his scale isn’t working anymore -hahahahaha!

How do your clothes feel on you now?

Honestly, I am able to wear a few more garments in my closet now than I have in the past..(I can now fit into my Jeans and some of them longshorts again, Woohooo!)

Would you recommend this program to others?

Only those I know that are into the S&M thing… ( you know who you are 😉 )

Has this program made any other changes?

Yes, I discovered the “tricep” on week one, the “bicep” and “quad” on week two, and from then on it was one torturous discovery after another.. Chuck Norris would be proud! (my roundhouse kick is da balm!)

Will you be doing this again to lose the rest of the weight and build more muscle?

Sexy G says I will, The debate continues..

If someone was interested in a copy of this “12 week challenge composed by Nazi’s” How would they go about it?

Why would they want it? Idiots.. but if they must have it.. Oi, … If they must have it… I suppose I will have to tape it back together and mail it…