Root of Sexy time.. Discovered!

Root of all sexy time..


After searching for many many years, one man finally discovered the root of all sex, nookie, sexy time, rompie pompie, shagging, etc etc ( you get the general direction, dont you 😉 )


So now we know what the turnips get up to under ground and where the baby turnips REALLY come from.. All those years being forced to study the lies of seeding and reseeding abolished!


hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm …


So what are you doing this sexy sunday??

  • Are you being forced into some arb family commitment where you have to make nice with the relatives?
  • Are you doing some menial chore you have been putting off until now???
  • Are you sitting in front of the TV watching sport or some documentary on how to watch paint dry??
  • Or are you planning to grab your loved one and discuss the root of all sexy time with some demonstrations thrown in for good measure??

Go on.. Sunday’s should be an Official day of Nookie as far as I am concerned.. Drop the kids off at the grannies or relatives to ease their neediness and get down to the nitty gritty with your sexy babe!!