Nobby is a “wit ou”.. Who knew?

Nobby is a wit ou

I fell off of my chair this morning.. My jaw dislocated.. Nobby has truly managed to shock me to the bone!

I read a comment he made on Bridget where he said “…Word Kaf…Nah just ain’t right comin from a wit ou!..”


He appears to have cahoonies made of brass (aka brass balls)..

Thought he made abit of a clanging noise lately when he walked..hmm

The context of the text is important though and his context was defending me and my Brilliance.. Yes, I am a worthy individual and he knows this cos I tell him every dem day!

As for those individuals (you know who you are) who tolerate me to get in good with ol’ Nobby… I am’s watching you, chickypoo… 😛


P.S. Check poll below.. 😛