Shhh… Don’t tell her mom!

21st Party

Once upon a time, 21 years ago in fact… Two preteen girls met in a parking lot of a block of flats… They hissed at each other.. made catty remarks.. there was even some shoe throwing involved.. But at the end of the day they became the Best of Friends!!

The story continues through the years where they both got married, both had kids, both got fat, got thin, got fat again… And both got divorced..

Their story is not a sad one.. In fact their story is a truly remarkable and interesting one. They both loved together, laughed together, drank together, partied hard together and cried together… But most of all and best of all stayed together!

Meet QueenG and B !

Both are very very different in oh, so many ways…

QueenG is the hot one with the big boobs, blonde hair and attitude..

Whereas B is the funny, nerdy, brunette with attitude…

Together the boys never stood a chance and they left them all lusting for more..

The story has not yet come to an end.. But has only just begun a new chapter… Oh, and they have decided to have a party.. Inviting only a few people who they know will bring them pressies… No point in wasting good booze…

So we will watch these two and see if they will eventually carry out their threat to take over the world.. One suburb at a time.. Leaving their footprints in the hearts of all they meet…

One thing is for sure, though.

B loves QueenG…. and QueenG mustn’t forget the vodka like last time!!