Was fun.. lol!

I know this is done to death but you must know this is all NEW to me!

We have been exposed to load shedding and its horrors for the first time ever!

On Monday we had no power between 12pm and 2.30pm.. Now at the time I thought they had just made a huge mistake and would soon see the error of their ways! So in all my knowingness ignored the looking at any schedules and other drab dull things and got on with things as usual..

Last night.. At approximately 4.45pm, I had just put “First Wave” on for D while I started preparing a simple yet delicious Chicken pasta.. J was in his room working on the 9 page assignment due the next day(left till last minute) and Sexy G was in the office working on a huge project and a problematic bit of code… You see where this is going yet?

So I reach out and grab the oven knob about to turn when I hear the power drain from the house and all electrical devices die.. There was a screech from the bedroom as realisation hits J that he might just have lost all his hard work, D looks at me and says, “why did you turn it off?”, and Sexy G appearing quite dormant as he walks up the stairs knowing that he is probably not going to get the project done before dinner…

I on the other hand, was definitely not impressed.. what the hell am I going to do with this bloody chicken now?

So Sexy G looks at the chicken, gets huge grin, and says, “Ok, I am going to make dinner for us!”. Bless him!, He really is the most shaggable sexy male in all the world!!!

Jou Klein Biskut!

So he strides off and soon returns with a contraption that looks abit like a blue bullet.. only bigger.. And smiles!

“Ok, I bite!.. Whats that?” I ask full of curiosity and concern.

“This my darling, is a gas stove!” he announces with the enthusiasm of a man who has just invented the wheel.

The concern in me is still there as I try to invision my pasta pot ontop of this little bitty blue can that could be an oversized suppository for all I know…

He then proceeds to assemble it.. Pops a cast iron pan on top and starts frying the green pepper, garlic and chicken.. I am AMAZED! Look at him go!

And there we were, sitting outside sipping some coke light and frying up the dinner..with the occasional beep beep of a dying UPS in the background..

It was fantastic!! So incredibly fantastic as it was still light outside and there was no rain and no wind.. Just the four of us( ok, make it six with the bunny and bird).. laughing telling jokes and just having the best time.. I then set the table outside and once he had done the pasta we all dug in to this most divine of all divine outdoor dinners!

But as the time went on J was started to sweat bullets.. He needs to get the assignment done and what if the power doesn’t come on? I tried to mention that he could do it the ol’ fashioned way .. pen and paper but he just rolled his eyes at me and said that that was not an option and I just don’t understand!.. He plans to sue Eskom for his bad mark and make them pay for being so inconsiderate! That sparked D off and he goes “Ja! I was just about to get to my favourite part in First Wave!”

OMW .. I think I best go download that schedule so that I can warn everyone of the impending darkness ahead of time..lol

The power finally came back on at 8pm after two false starts.. I don’t think they should load shed us again as it is evident that our infrastructure is not stable enough to take the powering up and down…

Maybe I should phone them…