Arsef?k and his mental illness…

He was hospitalized once in the “psych ward” of Westville Hospital and there was OBVIOUSLY some mistake as he was released after only a week…


He says it was sleep therapy but I am not so sure. He has exhibited wild and crazy behaviour over the years which include stalking me and peering in my bedroom window every night for two months ….Needless to say I was terrified when I found out!

Then there was the time he gave himself a nickname and said things like “I am Jammo, the magic man!” or ” Woman throw themselves at me…” He is obviously delusional and I think he has gone off his meds again..

He really is such a useless wally!! He is now telling me that having the kids for the holidays are currently an inconvenience for him and would prefer the July holidays instead.. No consideration for my plans and the fact that the court clearly stipulates which holidays etc so that things can be planned.. And its not like I send them there for the entire holidays either.. Wouldn’t do that to my pumpkins.. But he says that he has them for far too many days anyway!


Last year he only had them for about 30 days out of a possible 89 holidays. But he feels that this is too much.. This from a man who will tell anyone who will listen to his whining that he is such a champion dad and that he does EVERYTHING and ANYTHING for his boys and cant bear to be away from them…Bearing in mind that he normally just sends them to his mom or sister when they go visit him for the holidays!!

If I had my own way I would just tell the boys that I was just joking about Jammo being their dad (I know it was a cruel joke) The real truth is that Chuck Norris is actually their dad but I couldn’t tell them at the time because Chuck and I decided to see other people and since he wasn’t going to be there to protect them from potential evil villains we thought it was safer not too… But since they are bigger now and Sexy G and I are an item(he and Chuck work out on a similar level and in fact Sexy G taught Chuckie how to do the roundhouse kick more effectively), I feel it would be OK to tell them the truth….

So I am probably going to have to drive the kids to Granny Outlaw (Arsf?k’s mom) myself since thats where they were going to go anyway and she can then deal with her mentally unstable son, as he just isnt a lekker in the head… And since she spawned him she can deal with him…

Maybe he will come to his senses one day and finally act like a decent guy and phone his boys regularly and behave lovingly and do what is required from a parent, like attend extra curricular events( he doesnt even know what they are signed up for at school)… lol… yes and maybe I will wake up tomorrow looking like Angelina Jolie and maybe I will log into the bank to discover that I have won the Million a month competition and maybe I will catch a Leprechaun in the garden and steal his pot of gold and maybe…. lol… yeah Whatever!