OK, Who made him cry??

Got back from Gym this morning.. Popped my head into the office before going to shower just in case there were any urgency’s (I was late..)

And Lo and Behold!! What did I walk into?Sad Nobby

Nobby… Crying… in fact I think the term best used is Caterwauling*..

Now I am dillema’d.. I cant hug the dude cos I am all sweaty and stinky and offending myself so I just tap tap him on the shoulder using my less offensive drinking bottle. “There there Nobby… What’s wrong Nobby? .. Nobby you are dripping snot on my gym shoes…”

He points to his monitor and there it is… The text jumped out at me like a “Padda*” Someone Anonymously left a comment on his blog telling him he is boring!! Shame man!

I can imagine his delight when receiving the notice in his email that there was an actual comment!! Not one sent by me in jest.. I tend to have fun like that with him from time to time..hehehe

So after a few minutes I told him I need to go shower before my stench la gym kills us all..

So know we might have to take the morning off from work.. Take Nobby to the beach for Ice Cream and promise to put lots of money into that I-Stockphoto account for him so that he can look at more bloody pictures!

Well, whoever it was that sent that dem comment… Thanks bloody hell, Thanks!!

I just hope the whole day wont be lost to this now.. As for the theme on my blog he was working on.. I think more leg humping will have to be exacted to get a completion date from him now…


*Caterwauling = Cat”er*waul`ing\,n -The cry of cats; a harsh, disagreeable noise or cry like the cry of cats.

*Padda = Pad”da\,n – Afrikaans word meaning frog, green and slimy thing that jumps out and tries to attach warts to you.