My Smile

My Smile

Standing in a crowd with a smile firmly painted on my face…

No one seems to notice the strain it takes or the cracks that have appeared

I stand there, alone amongst many, my smile never leaving its place.

I am not sure how much longer this will remain to be true,

The screaming in my head demanding to be heard,

I stop, breathe and smile anew.

“the voices wont win, the voices cant win..”

I repeat to myself over and over.

Everyone oblivious to the torment that occurs within,

the struggle I fight, the light that is always dim..

I cant let them see, I cannot allow them to pity.

There are so many of us who live with this,

appearing normal, happy, content,

A torrent of torment hidden successfully.

So each day I strive to keep the voices within quiet, happy

and my smile firmly kept in place.

In this city, on this day, forever on my face…