Its Sunday … again

Golf ripGolf ripGolf ripGolf ripGolf ripJust dropped off my boys at the Golf Course so that J can practise his putting and he managed to convince D to be his Caddy.. I am nervous, have thought of them hurling each other in and around the bunkers wielding clubs like weapons!

But I cant baby them and I apparently need to trust that I have instilled in them enough shame and guilt that they wouldn’t do anything to embarrass their momma at the golf course! I have my toes, fingers and nipples crossed on this one!

My plans for the day? I am going to think about joining that creative writing club someone told me about.. Not sure what it entails but I think it will be a real fun experience! (lots of wine drinking πŸ˜‰ )

I enjoy writing and would like to learn how to do it with far more superlatives…lol!

Well as I said I was going to THINK about it today… And because thought processes can be exhausting I will not be rushing myself into an answer today…

Sexy G and I went to go to the Sani2C prize-giving last night and I got to watch some videos of the event over the 3 days and there was the one guy who signed up for the event under his doctors orders as a secondary treatment to his vasectomy.. On day three he was thanking the sponsors and the sort because his testicles were going home with him in a “baggy”..

So you have to ask yourself why these guys and girls want to pummel their noughts for three days?? I have a few thoughts on this…. But I can honestly say that the boys really enjoyed themselves even though their were a few who said they weren’t on speaking terms with their bikes at present and I saw a couple of others who tried to throw their bikes away on Day 2..

I don’t subscribe to riding MTB but I am and always will be the cheerleader… He is most welcome to don his tight lycra pant and I will don my pom poms and low cut top to cheer him on his way… And that is the way it will have to be for now πŸ˜‰