Nobby playing nice …

I am very pleased today!!

I have had to put up with my own dreary Theme for my blog and I can honestly say I am sick of my amateurish result!!

I am brilliant in alot of things but drawing pictures was never something I could do well…

So my Motto is If you cant do something yourself make new friends..

And after weeks of constant badgering, pleading, begging, tea-making, sock knitting, pen throwing, and generally just making myself known to Nobby, He has finally agreed to DESIGN MY BLOG THEME!! (It goes to show that “stalking till they panic and give in” does indeed work!)


Party party party!!

I was so dem excited that I kinda almost fainted when he announced that I should please stop humping his leg – He will do the design..

So know I wait.. Patience was never my virtue.. So I have taken to walking past his desk in 5 min intervals till he finishes it.. He has mumbled from time to time that it may take a week.. but I am sure I can convince a better deadline from him! 🙂