vagina dialogue….

Fridays..Normally a day to let your worries go and look forward to the weekend…

But this Friday was not such a great one.. The promise of the weekend just wasnt enough. It was one of those “OMG I hate my life” Fridays for both my gf QueenG and myself…


Our Vagina Dialogue

QG – Going to tie a rock around my ankle and throw myself in the ocean..

B – Lol !

B – Your luck you will probably pick up the only sponge rock available and float to the surface and bob around the ocean for weeks … Before being rescued by a group of horny lesbian women ..

QG – Hey! At least it will be peaceful

B – Until the Lesbians get there..

B – OMW! Just had a horrible thought! What if you like it and become a lesbo and then I have to call you “fannylicker” ?


B – your shouting at me…

B – besides I had no other way to say it politely

QG – So then I can tear up your letter of resignation?

B – *sigh* , yes, tear away…

QG – Ahhh , your too kind!

B – lol

… couple hours later …

QG – ag, you so cute man

B – whaddaya mean I’m cute…

B – Just sat in the principles office for over an hour 🙁 Felt like highschool all over again

QG – You’re supposed to say thank you when someone pays you a compliment

B – I’m sorry, just had a fight on the phone with arsf?k..

B – It has been a very long day for me.. I think I am going to share that rock with you …

B – Best I choose the rock for us though… Not in the mood to float back up and get molested by lesbians…

QG – PMSFL, at least you can laugh!

B – I am laughing with my outside voice, my inside voice is plotting the demise of others..

QG – I will be your evil nemisis !!

B – Thanks! Will you help me clean the rock? hate the thought of something grubby on my ankle…

QG – yeah I will help you

QG – We will be like Thelma and Louise

B – Ill be Thelma, she had better hair

B – Gotta go, kids keep peering at me like I am supposed to do something…

QG – k, mwaaaaah!


Now I am left with the task of finding a rock strong enough to haul both QG’s and my ass to the bottom of the ocean and keep it there and keep us safe from lesbians.. How do I get myself into these things??