Dating… whats the buzz?

My GF is looking to go back on the market in the search for *Coke and asked me to help her write the dialogue required such as About me and My Ideal Match..

So off I go and went to go look at the site and see what kinda help she needed and I have to say WOW!

Who knew there were so many people who are looking for *love ?

And most of them are HOT! Whats wrong with them I have to ask myself…

  1. Do they get violent while they sleep??
  2. Are they Nose pickers??
  3. Do they have S&M tendencies??
  4. Do they want to call their gf’s pet names like mommy..(eeeuw)
  5. Are they slightly underendowed??
  6. Do their periwinkles willow???
  7. Do they suffer from Halitoses and no one told them??

    The list is endless… I suppose it could be any of the above and maybe more…

    I would like to try this online dating thing just to meet people and go out and experience the fun it would bring… šŸ™‚ ..

    But I think Sexy G will kinda kill me so I will have to bring this subject up very


    *Coke = Its the whole Coke vs Pepsi theory.

    *Love = a frequent shag