undigestive biscuits …

I love my car…Before

I positively adore my car… It is my creation…It is Pink… It is Sexy… It is fast.. It is pretty… It is my freedom.. It is All mine..

Everything done to it was supervised by me.. the engine.. the seats.. the body.. all of it.. and I feel if I had more money I would Fine-tune many things.. But just as it is – I love it!!

But then some f?knut leaves bolts lying in the road and my car sees it and picks it up inquisitively to see what it is…After

Needless to say this resulted in a puncture of painful proportions… So Sexy G jacks the car up on the M7 and I go to the boot only to discover that all I have in it is a Marie Biscuit.. WTF!!

I coulda sworn I had a normal rim but my mechanic thought it would be funny to test me and my powers of patience.. How is a person supposed to drive around with a something a 1/4 of the size of a normal tyre?? It is undignified and I am upset.. It is very uncivilized .. It can’t possibly be safe!!

So there I was driving around with 3 x 17″ Mags and 1 x 13″ bloody biscuit…

Its just too much for me… My car is lopsided..

Now I am sitting with a R1000 tyre with a 6mm hole in it.. 🙁 .. And it cannot be fixed.. no plug.. no mushroom.. no gait… no buggerall!!

I am dormant…