This is me being nice …

I broke a chair last week.. the seat is snapped in half.. I blame my ass..

Now you all know why I am under the care of Bloody Nazi’s to combat the arsefactor attached to me..

Yesterday at my very first session to lift weights on my upper body muscle group I discovered that I have something Sexy G keeps referring to as a tricep… So now that he enabled this bloody thing it does nothing but hurt!

I am not happy…

How do I disable it and why the hell is it not just shutting up?

Sexy G is very aware of my unhappiness.. but he just laughs when I talk to him about it..

He says I do wonderful squats.. WTF? Of course I do!! I am a girl and as all girls know .. If we cant squat professionally then we are doomed when it comes to public toilets.. I won’t even go into the need for a good squat technique that is required during sexy time.. Nothing Sexy about crushing or falling then…this we all know…

I think I need to go meditate or some such bullshit.. Say an arb mantra like ” I will not use dumbbell on little Binky* bouncing at gym”.. Why do they go to gym?? They don’t actually do anything except walk over to the water and then to the mirror.. ooh over some guys ab and then if there is time before their mom calls they will do some flaky stretches ….

Will need to ask one of them if they want to come check out my tricep… 😉


* Binky (n) : a dummy (see Fig 1)

Binky Fig 1.

Fig 1


* Binky (n) : ittle bouncy girls with big hair, too much make-up, tight clothing, and clackity clackity clack in too big for them heels everywhere.. even gym.. (see Fig 2)

Binky Fig 2.

Fig 2