Attack of a Fan…

He was quite indignant last night that I didnt get it right…

I am right.. Of course!

He devoured all the Harry Potter books, watched all the movies(10times at least) and can quote scenes verbatim with ascent thrown in for good measure! …Who am I talking about??… “Angry Fan

Nobby is my character in my story and last time I checked my last name wasnt Rowling(she’s rich-Im not). Yes Yes Yes , Angry Fan, Dobby was the funny man that didnt get clothes in her stories of Harry Potter… But Nobby is my character in my stories — he just shares Dobby’s dillemas!

And Nobby is better looking and he is now the proud owner of bright pink socks with a matching scarf on its way..He wears his pink socks everyday cos it gives him inspiration while he draws his pictures!!

I apologise though for getting you all worked up about this.. but it was fun watching that vein on your forehead pulse like that!!