The adventures of Arsef?k continues unfortunately…

I am constantly surprised by his ability to love himself…

Last night after a rather unpleasant telephone call, I received an SMS from arsef?k where he felt it necessary to inform me that even though his last girlfriend ran screaming away from him all the way back to JHB, that he has “plenty others on tap just waiting in line…”

Why, oh why, does he feel it necessary to tell me all this? Does he really think I care? Am I supposed to throw myself in front of a bus because he gets a shag once a month from arb women?

All I feel is pity though for him.. He may think he is “the Man” but I will always know him as “the Loser..”

Only a loser thinks that the best way to solving conflict is through violence..
Only a loser thinks that a woman needs a good smack from time to time..
Only a loser lies to his children..
Only a loser takes his children’s birthday money from them for himself..
Only a loser runs around giving himself a nickname..
Only a loser sends his kids dogs to be put down for no reason..
Only a loser says stuff like “sleep when Im dead..”
Only a loser thinks I care about his sex life..

Arsefuk should rather phone a friend (maybe he doesn’t have any.. shame.. He should show them his tap with women in line maybe they will play with him then?) and tell them about how fantastic he thinks he is.. I am sure they will make all the right noises and at least they will get a good laugh out of him!!

So be off with you Jammo! Get in your little silver Golf and make someone else miserable.. I paid my dues with you and then some.. I think its time you left me alone don’t you?