Wedding Drag…

I think that if you meet the right guy getting married is not such a bad thing.. But to find the right guy is almost impossible sometimes..

In fact I think we all stand a better chance in spending all our money on the lotto each month.

As much as we as woman hate to admit it we dream of some guy coming out from nowhere and sweeping us off our feet taking all our troubles away and looking after us like princesses..

Reality though is such a bitch though… 🙁 I blame society and woman liberals.. Bloody hell.. why did they burn their bra’s and kill the chivalry??

Now men think we can open our own doors and kill our own roaches.. I still shriek when I see a roach entering my happy zone.. Thankfully Sexy G is chivalrous and understands that I need rescuing…

So boys, Buck up and get some chivalry in you if you ever expect leg-over again.. and I don’t mean be obnoxious and arrogant.. I’m talking considerate and manly.. Think James Bond without the philandering.. 😉

But, If I ever get the nerve together to get married again… This is what I would envisage my wedding cake to look like..

Because I said so…


And why you ask?..

Because once you have found the one that makes your heart melt and your world exciting.. you don’t let them get away..


Because I can…