Bunny Boilers…

Woke up early again this morning and I got to thinking about a bunny boiler I knew awhile back..

I miss her.. she was funny… We will call her BunBi for short. Bunbi was slightly whacked in the head and all gaga over Sexy G… but funny all the same..

She would say how she cant stand him and then leave him 43 missed calls…pmsl!

I can understand feeling attracted to someone but to such extent as to phone them constantly and make plans for them in the hopes that they might be in a 30 km radius is just bizarre!

She would push her boobs out when he walked into a room, Throw her hair over her shoulder and smile at him from under her eyelashes.. All very, very sweet things (If I was a guy I would do her!).. But when he didn’t make advances on her she would just trash him and then break down asking whats wrong with her .. why doesn’t he want her… πŸ™

What makes a normally intelligent woman go so crazy?

I have had some stalkers in the past.. 3 guys and a girl.. Keep their phone numbers on my cell and misscall them from time to time just to keep them happy… I do think we should all experience a stalker at least once in our life… πŸ™‚ Keeps things fun..

But there is a marked difference between a stalker and a bunny boiler. Stalkers are usually anonymous and harmless.. They just like to stroke themselves alot while holding the phone to their mouths and hyperventilating… Bunny boilers are more personal as you know them and therefore far more dangerous…

They know where you live… Know where you work… Know your family and most of your friends..

So just when you thought it was safe to go home they(Bunbi‘s) are sitting in your driveway pulling weeds pretending that they had no idea you would be there..

So what do you do? You can move home, change your Job, and make new friends…or … You could always do what Sexy G did… Ignored Bunbi till she went away.. it only took 6 months.. But Bunbi never knew where he lived so he was at least safe… Not that she didn’t try and get his address… She even tried Google Earth at one stage thinking she could see him via satellite as seen in NCIS…lol

But over and above it all she was sweet and funny.. Needless to say she wont talk to me anymore when she discovered I became involved with the object of her desire.. Sexy G!

Must be tough to be mental over a guy…