Arsef?k.. It is the only word I can think of that suitably describes the person I was once married to…

To think how stupid I once was to think he was someone worth shagging never mind living with him!

I suppose we have all had our dumbass moments in life and I just feel that it has taught me alot about myself and how people are not to be trusted so easily. Cos what you see is not always what you get!

He comes across at first as a very “nice guy”. But underneath that facade is a psychopath just waiting to get the better of you.

I remember the first time I saw his true colours.. I was approximately 4 months pregnant with our first child and I had said something to upset him, and as I turned around to unlock our flat door he grabbed me by the throat and whispered into my face.. “Don’t f?ck with me..” That should’ve been a warning sign back then but I can tell you as many people in a similar position will tell you.. I thought I had just pissed him off and I should take care not to do it again.

Even though we are now divorced and he apparently has some girl who is wanting to marry him and he is happier than he has ever been. He continues to interfere in my life! Why???

Why me? When is he going to realise that I don’t care about his sex life? I don’t care about his house? I don’t care about him other than he must make sure he pays maintenance and treat my boys right.

So when the boys come home unhappy because once again daddy told them to stretch or starve on the weekend and they went to school with no lunch and no dinner the night before.. Then I am going to be one very pissed off Mamma!!

What he and other arsef?ks like him dont understand is this… Children are not a right.. they are a privilege. And like all privileges in life if you abuse or neglect them they will be taken away from you!

So for now until he grows up and stops avoiding me so that we can discuss his lack of parenting all access has been denied!

I know .. I know.. He will go crying to his lawyer like a big baby about how mean I am and what a big bitch I am.. blah blah blah blah..
So what? He can explain himself to the family advocate then. There are other things I would love to discuss while we are there as well…

Now I can see you cringing and thinking “WOW, she is angry”.. And Yes, I suppose anger is one of the emotions I have when I think of him… But mostly I feel sad because I was married to such a nasty piece of work…Arsef?k is a arrogant little twat who doesnt understand common decency or how adults are supposed to behave.. I tried to meet with him much to my distaste to do so, in order to sort a few things out for the kids sake.. And you know what? He didn’t pitch. He then sms’s me a few days later wanting to talk to me about the boys and pretends he doesnt know anything.

He then continues to harrass my brother who is grieving at present trying to do what? I dont know.. I just think he is f?kken mad.

I remember just before I left him a quite few years back. He came home with personalised number plates for his new car..

Jammo -ZN. So I looked at him and said Jammo? And he said to me thats his nickname.. PMSL I couldn’t believe what he was saying..I had never heard ANYONE refer to him as Jammo before then. I think he just gave himself a nickname and he has been going by that name ever since…

So he runs around saying I’m Jammo – the magic man. Its so ridiculous, a grown man giving himself a nickname and then calling himself the magic man to boot.. Magic man of what? Whats so magic about a loser who calls himself Jammo?

So if you run into a smooth talking poepol who calls himself Jammo… Just run.. I did..