Sexy Time…

I look forward to weekends..

There is the fact that I don’t need to wake up at 5.30am and get to snuggle in bed with my sexy bf instead for an extended period of time.

I also don’t need to get dressed and get to run around in my pj’s all day if the fancy fits.

I don’t need to do much of anything cos no one is looking and if I want to veg on the couch and watch movies all day then so be it!

But the reality is that I do get up far too early most weekends because there is always work to be done and then I have all four kids every second weekend..( his two and my two) .. and they will have pancake demands on us and the effervescent sound of “Moooommmm, I’m booredd!!” every two minutes.

So on the weekends that we are alone… hehehe .. I try to plan alot of nothingness with awhole lot of sexytime thrown in. In fact we hermit for most of the weekend and hardly come up for air because we know that very soon our time will include gecko squabbles and constant demands from work and home life combined.

Alas, this is not one of those weekends as I have a tree that needs to be cut down before it falls down and I have to do abit of office work to make up for lost time last week ..

But who knows 😉 perhaps the “fairy of sexytime” will bestow us with a few stolen hours here and there this weekend…

🙂 ..Here’s Hoping .. 🙂