Bloody Hell…

Was listening to the radio this afternoon and the plea that was put forward for blood donations.

Made me think about blood and why we have a shortage of blood…

I mean blood is free? Isn’t it? Maybe not…

My dad felt very strongly about his blood. He always used to complain when I would say I am going to go donate blood. He would just rant and rave about how we go DONATE blood only to have to buy it back when we need it. You must understand that my Dad was an Irishman full of opinions and gesticulations.

So where does this leave me on donating blood? Well, It would appear that even though I would love to donate it is not possible for me to do this as each time I have gone my blood pressure had other ideas.. In fact I have been scraped off the tarmac on each and every occasion I have braved to defy my Dad to donate blood. Last time I went they politely refused me and gave me a biscuit for at least trying. ( They always have yummy biscuits and juice..hehehe)

So being unable to donate blood myself anymore, I try and convince anyone who is with me when walking past a blood bank to go clear a vein or two.. 😉

I do believe that donating blood is a worthy cause.. And it is one thing that we as people can do to save lives that will only cost us a small amount of time.

My dad’s position was abit flawed but I do understand what he was trying to say. He believed that if we as good kind people DONATE our blood we should have a tally of how many liters have been drained from us and when we are in need of a top-up we should be able to receive said liters back free of charge?

In an ideal world this would be possible. But the reality is this… We live in SA and here in SA “ideal” is a tin of evaporated milk.

So roll up your sleeves and lets all go donate blood! Who knows maybe your blood will be used to save a life of someone you know.


P.S. To all my friends and family that have already been drained of excess blood… I am baking biscuits and will be round later 🙂 !!