Taking over the world..

I am convinced this is the way to go. If I am going to quieten the beast within I need to conquer this planet and dominate its inhabitants ..

I suppose that the easier route would be to do it without warning and one day you wake up and see my face on the bank note instead of the rhino’s ass or mugabes lips.. but I think that if I am going to do it it will defninitely be very upfront and forward and no surprises and that will make embracing me so much easier.. (to know me is to love me, my mom said so.. I believe her).

So the dilemma at the moment is which avenue should I take?

  1. Should I start up a political party advocating some controversial subject such as whether showering is the answer to all evils or not…??
  2. Should I use my sexual prowess to confuse and manipulate the powers that currently be?
  3. Should I create a program that will manipulate poll votes at the next elections worldwide?
  4. Or should I pull an Oprah and love everyone into submission??

I suppose if I don’t like any of the above options I could always make contact with some alien planet and rent a point singularity beam powered by its own sun and convince earth and all its inhabitants that I will make the best “world dominatrix” choice by far…

I am now accepting CV’s for a cpl of SIC’s (second in charge)…