Catsuits & Whips…

We ALL have that drawer, You know the one I’m talking about 😉 The one we dont let the kids or our parents see.. It contains all sorts of sexy lingerie, toys perhaps, magazines if you’re a boy, whips if you’re kinky,scarves if your adventurous and one or two outfits if you are playful …

Bedroom play is important to every relationship .. There is definitely more to sex than the pummeling blindly forward in the dark keeping half your clothes on because its over most of the time before its begun.

Now if your one of those typical guys who say “I have never got any complaints” ask yourself this.. How often is it initiated by your partner and how many compliments have you received?

If you are sitting there now staring at the monitor and running through the last six months of action and can count the sum total of these events on one hand your answer is there in front of you. I think its time you subscribed to FHM and Menshealth to name a few.. You would be surprised to discover that the female anatomy is far more complex and can be very very stimulating to arouse if you took the time to find out what makes her “Ohhhh…” 😉

Now I am by no means saying men are crap in bed and that women are tigers waiting to be set loose!! No No No. I think women have only themselves to blame for faking it from the start. I think that if women just took the stand that they would stop faking their “ohh..’s” and spoke up about what takes them to their happy place then more sex would be had by more people more often.

Its the whole Coke vs Pepsi theory.

I have advocated this theory to most of girlfriends and they know how it goes but I will explain it in more detail here for the rest of you.

The majority of us LOVE coke. But when we get to the local shop and they have only got pepsi we will buy it because there is no choice. (now before I continue I understand that there are people out there who prefer pepsi for whatever reason but for the duration of this please swop labels, thanks.)

So we trundle home with our beverage and will perhaps pour a glass of pepsi with our dinner and drink it.

But after a few days the pepsi will still be in the fridge and we wont have depleted it half as fast as we would’ve if it was coke.. In fact coke would’ve been consumed quickly and enjoyed feverishly with our food or just on its own.

Bottom Line is this. Pepsi is ok and does the job but Coke,,, Coke is what we go to the fridge for. Coke is uniquely addictive and is consumed with Ghusto.

So why settle for pepsi? Why settle for mediocre when you can have great, fantastic, awesome and orgasmic!

I used to have pepsi in my life. I am very glad to say I finally have coke.. only wish I had got it sooner.. 😉

So what do you have?? Coke or Pepsi?

And how would you Classify yourself??