Penalties of “safe”..

I spent the best part of yesterday morning dealing with the two “liceheads” that live with me.

They seem to be coming home with lice every second week and I am tired of it. Whats up with this epidemic? And yes I think its an epidemic of pandemic proportions!

When I was in school if I had lice infest my tresses twice it was alot and I think my hair was so traumatised by the removal method by my Mother and her foulsmelling, eyeburning, scalpremoving concoctions, that it manufactured little antibody soldiers that took guard and cut down any wannabe intruders.

I asked the pharmacist if they still sold that stuff cos I personally think that might be the way to go but he said it was not a safe product and was not being sold anymore. Safe? who cares about safely killing louse? Bloody stupid if you ask me.

Bring back the Death Penalty to the Louse! Yes I said it … Im an activist of keyboard stroking proportions !!

So I gave my two liceheads a good combing over after using the “gentle conditioning” lice shampoo and then I set to scalping them at the barber. that should be the problem eradicated… for now.


*liceheads =  my handsome boys