observe how stupid laws are..

My Jetta

Christmas is upon us and all the metro guys are out there working on their bonuses and they are in full force !

Some of them are already looking at tripling their salary…

Seriously though, they keep pulling me over… some even try and smell the plastic flowers on my car(special,special people).. And they walk around the car LOOKING yes LOOKING for faults.. they almost look disappointed that there arent any! Shame..

Personally I’m tired of being pulled over.. I think people should be given a badge/or sign to display on their windscreens that shows that they have already been pulled over and alls fine.. something Pink perhaps? bigass sign saying something like “I already f*&kken stopped today”. I can just haul the sign out my window as I drive by(no point in stopping anymore), Will be a good thing.. my aim will improve quite alot as I lobb these things out the window..

Can see it all now.. headline in the mercury “Metro Police duck signs on M7”.

I mean whats up with the last fine I got from these guys? Guess Guess ,, come on guess..

HOLDING A CELLPHONE WHILE DRIVING! <– not on the phone talking, no no no !

I later learnt that the actual bylaw on this states that when your ignition is turned on your cellphone is not allowed to touch your body. ie, be in your pocket, tucked in your socks or even between your legs sending people “pleasecallme’s”!!

Bloody ridiculous bonus building bullshit if you ask me.. and they should.. ask me that is !


My Jetta 2