hairy knuckle

…oxygen thief, b*tch, sh!t for brains, “special”, rash, buttache, spawn from hell,bottom feeder, the list can go on and on….

Who am I describing? My Boyfriends exgf..

………we will call her hairy knuckle for now….

She is such a waste of space its unbelievable. Thinks the world of herself and the only thing she accomplishes at the end of the day is the successful implementation of pain on her two beautiful girls. And what is surprising to me is how lovely they are DESPITE the negative and poisonous influence of their evil and ignorant mother.

But let me tell you as to why I feel this way right now as much as I can without erupting in a tirade of angry expletives…

I was commisioned with the task to fetch my bf’s children this afternoon as I was going to be in the area and he had work to complete(his weekend to see his sweety pies). But the hairy knuckle had her own ideas and insisted that he must do the pick up as she doesnt like me and various other stupid reasons. This is of course not the best option but it doesnt end there.. she then continues on her merry way to call me names and insinuate that I feel threatened by her. Why? Why would I feel threatened by her? Now if she was attractive with a personality of Oprah I would be concerned. But not hairy knuckle. LMAO! She is far from attractive and her personality can only be politely described as lacking.

Why would she attack me? What did I do to her? What does she want? I dont know the answers to these questions and can only think that perhaps she wants something?

But is it a reconciliation with my bf? If that is the case why does she keep insisting this is not the case? Is she clinging to the belief he will return to her like a pubic hair clings to the toilet seat?

Or is what she wants just for him and I to not be in a relationship? Stupid Stupid girl.



P.S. I dont think this is the last of the Hairy Knuckle saga…