Min Dae

Im showing my age here but only people my age will remember that phrase..

It was what was used to describe the last 40 days of the enlisted two year army stint. (My brother was sent kicking and screaming and spent his last 40 days singing”Min Dae” to anyone who would listen.)

Well I am on “Min Dae”… I have only 22 days left..

30th November 2007 Schools close for the year and my trip from Bluff to Pinetown to Bluff and then visa versa in the afternoon comes to an end. For the past year I have had to travel this route to take my kids to school as I didnt want to disrupt my eldests last year in Primary School (Grade 7). But Boy oh Boy has it been hard.

I have bartered and traded in order to not do the drive from time to time when the thought of traffic made me want to crawl in a corner, adopt the foetal position and suck my thumb.. (not pretty)…


I dont know how I am going to adjust?..lol.. OF course I will adjust!! In fact im adjustable already…uh huh… plans have been made with that extra time…

The kids are so happy they keep doing a little dance at the thought of not having to wake up at 5.30am each weekday morning.. Im looking forward to being able to “snuggle and purr” with my boyfriend for an extra hour..hehehe

Min Dae and counting…. ……count down with me….