It always rains on November 6th. Since 1993 I have observed this.

You see… I got married 6th Nov 1993. It rained then and it has rained every year since. You would think it wouldnt do that anymore since the “Divorce”… but alas it still rains every single year on the 6th November.

So Im thinking the rain had nothing to do with the fact I was married(so much for it being a sign) but instead I think it has to do with Guy Fawkes being the day before and perhaps all the fireworks aggravate the cloud fairies till they piss on all of us?

Its debatable I’m sure.

Ok so its raining now and I’m thinking of warming up the left over chicken curry from last night and making snackwiches with it. But then a thought enters my mind of years gone by and anniversary dinners and how a trip to KFC was considered a “night out”… Perhaps I should swing by for a bucket for nostalgia reasons….

Perhaps Not