My Colon…

Mondays are always difficult for everyone but I have always felt that Mondays are the fibre in the colon of life. We get to tackle our projects/work with renewed vigour and have a whole week to complete it.

So if the Monday gets off on a bad leg then we know our week is just about completely buggered unless we win the lotto on Tuesday or Win a Car by Tafta on Wednesday..

My Monday consisted of pepsi light and a bar of chocolate for lunch while waiting in an overcrowded Doctors room. Now I know you are wondering why I am at the Dr’s Room eating chocolate(nothing to do with the everpresent Chest Infection I am nursing). The answer to that question is My Mom. Moms are the salt of the earth and we love them so so much. So when my mom shouts “Briggieeeeeee…” from the other side of town I come running and see to her needs as they were. And in this case it was a need for a lift to the Dr. (with a promise that I not breathe on her in case she gets sick 🙁 ..)

So how was your monday?